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Throne of Thunder Sale Information! (OPEN)

Wed Jul 24, 2013 12:44 pm by Ithax

Throne of Thunder Sale Information!

Below is a list of the items/titles/achievements that we are currently regularly selling in game. If you are interested in purchasing something, the best way to start the process is to get in contact with X. Show up at the time that we have you slotted in for. When you get in the raid you will be asked to pay in full for w/e you are buying and then we will proceed to get your items/titles/achievements for you.

T15 Throne of THunder:
Currently this run takes place on Wednesdays at 19:15 Game Time.

-Ra-den + Heroic Lei Shen Kill: xk
-Ra-den Feat of Strength "I Thought He Was Supposed to Be Hard?" (FoS:"Cutting Edge: Ra-den" Included): xk
-Ra-den Kill Only (Awards Feat of Strength "Cutting Edge: Ra-den") : xk
-Lei Shen Heroic Kill Only (Awards Title "Storm's End" & Feat of Strength "Cutting Edge: Lei Shen") : xk
-13/13 Heroic Clear (All Item drops desired included) : xk
-13/13 Heroic Clear (Item drops not included, only kills) : xk

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Website under construction!

Thu Jul 18, 2013 1:58 am by Ithax

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It's always worth posting an application, even if your class is not listed as needed below.

DeathKnight Death Knight Open
Druid Druid Open
Hunter Hunter Open
Mage Mage Open
Paladin Paladin Open
Priest Priest Open
Warlock Warlock Open
Rogue Rogue Open
Shaman Shaman Open
Warrior Warrior Open
Monk Monk Open